10 Signs that's NACHO Friend

Okay so I'm a person who believes in quality over quanity. Why do I want a huge group of so called friends that don't add to my life in a beneficial way?

  1. If you gotta ask yourself "are they hating on me?" YES SIS! HATER ALERT! Get far away as possible.

  2. Every plan you have, they knock it down or say "that's not possible" or "naaawl you can't do that". It's time for them to go. Friends don't doubt each other, they stick by each other.

  3. They never support you. They don't contribute anything to your or never help put in anything to help you get where you're going.

  4. If they leave you out of things, every time and I mean ALL THE TIME, that's not your friend.

  5. If you're always breaking your neck to help them, but they could care less about helping you, CUT EM' OFF.

  6. Real friends tell you when you're right and when you're wrong. A sugarcoating friend can sometimes be toxic.

  7. If they're spreading lies and rumors, especially if you only have told a few people... CHECK YOUR CIRCLE.

  8. The little nitpicky sayings like "You think you're all that" or your "little this, little that"... (smells like an enemy to me)

  9. All friends of your friends are not meant to be your friends... (trust me on that)

  10. If they don't defend you in front of your face, they surely won't defend you behind your back.

Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk 😉

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