10 Ways to Tackle Postpartum Depression

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

I won't lie, being a mother is great! I've learned so much as far as loving and caring for my child. I try to do whatever I can to meet his needs, and do a good sum of whatever he wants, but truly, when will I do something for myself again? Sometimes I feel empty, but I am on the road to recovery! I want to cover ten ways to handle postpartum depression. You will win!

  1. Try to get a good amount of sleep. Now I understand that your child is always active and you can't take a nap when he/she takes one, but putting down your phone at night as early as an hour before you normally do could help you so much. I literally have to force myself to stop scrolling on Twitter sometimes (even when it gets really good)!

  1. 2. Start a Pinterest. I know it sounds so elementary, but a Pinterest is almost like a vision board! You can find every type of picture, goal, style, accessory or quotes to pin to your page! I try to fill my "dream board" with everything I want and can imagine. It still needs work, but the more I put in, the better I feel. Check out my Pinterest. (Click the words Pinterest)

3. Get out of the house. Oh the house will suck you in. It will suck you in so much, you'll forget about the outside world (which can be great sometimes), but then you'll forget about all of the other good things that are out there. Go grab a bite, maybe get your nails done, and DON'T forget about your eyebrows. Getting out of the house feels so refreshing and rejuvenating. I can't help but to love getting in my car and taking off for a few minutes.

4. Pray. Yes, I believe in God. I usually spend a few minutes daydreaming, or venting to God about my life. Even if you just talk things out to yourself, you'll feel so much better getting that weight off of your chest. Yes sis, I talk to myself, and you should try it. I literally take five minutes to admit things that I wouldn't want to admit to others and it usually works. (You can find that picture below on my Pinterest.)

5. Start a blog or a business. There's nothing better for me than blogging on days where I don't feel so well. I want to be able to help other ladies out. Some of my blogs such as "Loving Yourself" help me to remember why I love myself and teaching other women how to love themselves. There's nothing wrong with wanting to start a business! Even if it's a new skincare line, you can use a little bit of what you have at home, test it out and you might just have the next big thing. Don't sell yourself short.

6. Learn how to love yourself. Check out "Loving Yourself" or "Crown Yourself". I swear they're like two minute reads on how you can enhance yourself mentally. It's hard trying to cope with postpartum depression and trying to find the love within yourself. Even though my kid is almost 11 months old, it still feels as if I don't have it altogether, and THAT'S OKAY. Nobody ever has it altogether, and it takes time to build yourself up again. Keep going momma!

7. Update your wardrobe. I tried to buy new clothes to help me feel just a little better. Although I had gained some weight and needed more anyways, it helped me to take time to find things that would better compliment me! I'm not saying spend hundreds (unless you want to sis, ball out), but try and find a few new accessories to make your outfits pop, or some fancy shirts that'll go with those jeans in your closet that you hardly wore.

8. Eat better. With postpartum depression, sometimes you just don't have the appetite. I understand sis. My diet was chips and grape soda for weeks. I couldn't even force myself to eat. Find foods that aren't just hmmm good, but heart healthy. (I love Tazikis! They have a Mediterranean cuisine that speaks to the soul; secret: they have a kids meal for 4.95 that includes chicken and two sides of your choice; the salad is an upcharge and I swear it's a good little lunch -if you're in Birmingham)

  1. 9. Therapist. Now I know I said that I talk to God, but sometimes I need to talk to someone who can tell me right to my face about how to overcome my battles. My friends let me talk their ears off (I love them so much lol) and I received so much inspiration and I had so many chances to laugh until I cried. There is at least one friend out there who will let you vent to them until the sun comes up (please don't vent to them for that long sis, they need sleep too). Sometimes you might have to seek professional help, and that's okay.

10. Spa/Bath or the Shower. Spending a little time soaking in the bathtub might ease a little bit of your troubles. I have brought my baby into the bathroom in his little chair to sit and sleep while I sit there letting the heat from the water and the bubbles soothe me. Get you some epsom salt, some body wash soap from Bath and Body Works (Gingham smells so nice) and maybe a nice little playlist and before you know it, you'll think you're in paradise.

Lastly, ladies if you ever need someone to talk to, I am definitely here for you. My DMs, the chat and my email are open to you. Be blessed, not stressed. Be sure to subscribe before you leave.

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