15 Positive Affirmations for Your Life

Everyone needs a bit of self motivation. There's nothing wrong with speaking positive and manifesting what you want in your life. Here's 20 things I say to myself that encourage me to be and do better.

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  1. I CAN. Often times we say that we can't or we'll try, but changing just that one word to can will help you to feel as if you can tackle just about any circumstance that comes in your life.

  2. Stand out. Now why should you stand when no one else stands? Are you scared because you'll be the only one? You should stand, even when you have to stand alone because you are standing for a purpose. You are standing because no one else in the room might not have the courage that you have.

  3. Be different. Being different means standing out from the norm. When you receive an interview for a job, you don't want to sound the same as everyone else who is going for that same title. Be different, but still shine because you know you will make a difference.

  4. Be bold. Now I already said to myself that I was different, how can I be bold? Will the color of my shirt define my boldness, will my voice be used to exemplify a matter, or will my opinion that I almost kept to myself because I was too nervous to speak might actually change something? Either way, be bold and leave your mark.

  5. I am somebody. Chile I tell myself this everyday. You are not only someone's mom, sister, cousin, auntie, or friend, you are INSERT YOUR NAME. You have feelings and you DESERVE. Remember that.

  6. I am beautiful. I love sweatpants, I love my bonnet and I love some comfortable looking shoes. Yeah I'm not wearing make up, but I am still beautiful. My beauty is not only on the outside, but the inside as well and it's the same for you!

  7. Be careful. Okay so this might not be "positive" but telling yourself to watch out or understanding the situation you are in might have a risk is very healthy. It also lets you know if the risk is worth taking or not.

  8. I love myself. GIRL LOVE YOURSELF! There are people in this world who could care less about your feelings and care less about you as a whole. Protect yourself and LOVE yourself. Self love, is the best love. (Check out my short read on "Loving Yourself")

  9. I am better than that. Some options that we take might not be for our greater good. That's okay, we make mistakes and it's life but remember you're so much better than that and you can still carry on, but when you know better, you do better.

  10. Take it easy. I stress and overthink so much that sometimes I make life harder for myself. Remind yourself that humans make errors and that you gotta take it easy on yourself. You only get one round of life. (Check out my post on "Overthinking")

  11. It's okay. Sometimes, I have to sit down and just BREATHE. You will lose your mind thinking about what could've went better and what you could've changed. Tell yourself "girl it's alright" and keep pressing on.

  12. Today will be great. When you speak greatness, you'll get greatness. Let yourself know regardless of what happens today, it will be great and you will remain on top.

  13. I'm proud of myself. YES! Be proud that you took a few more steps than you normally do on your daily walk. Be proud that you did all you could do at work! Be proud that you're almost done with your book, or your next big project.

  14. I am more than a conqueror. (cue the tears) No seriously, there's so many battles in life that we fight daily and we constantly have to remind ourselves that WE are in fact victorious. Without a doubt, no matter how big or little the problem is, we will WIN and we are not quitters. You will make it!

  15. I will. Yes you will get that job promotion, you will do great on your new diet, you will finally wash your hair and give it the nutrients it needs, you will make sure your kids are straight and you will rise beyond your situations.

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