5 Reasons to Add an HBCU to Your List

Attending an HBCU has given me so many reasons to cherish and appreciate my Black history, as well as love being in the skin I'm in. I'm gonna give you FIVE reasons to add an HBCU to your list of school options.

  1. Sweetie, the culture. Being at an HBCU makes you appreciate all of the Black things in life. From the Black professors, to the campus activites and the HBCU bands that are the heart and soul of the campus- these components are just to name a few of how great it truly is. (Let's not forget Fried Chicken Wednesdays and honorable mentions: Probates/Stroll Like A/Club Cafe/Homecoming (How can we forget about homecoming?)) *There's a clip of Club Cafe/Late Night Breakfast Below*

2. The History. HBCUs have such a rich and deep history. I attend Alabama State University founded by nine freedmen in Marion, AL with only a couple hundreds of dollars. Many influential people like Rosa Parks and organizations like the Southern Christian Leadership and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People met on our campus .

3. Education. First off, that's the most important. The class sizes at an HBCU tend to be smaller, also you have a greater advantage of being close with your professor and not just being another "number". Many of the words spoken by true professors from HBCUs are very informational and vital for everyday life, especially for the lives and success of Black people.

4. Organizations. Yes all colleges have organizations for you to become a part of, but a lot of the organizations at HBCUs feel just like a family. From Divine 9, to Band and Choir organizations,to Dance and Art organizations, to organizations that uplift, unite and work hard for the advancement of Black people and the Black community- there's an organization for just about everyone. (Plus, there's so many great activities that they create and have awesome turnouts.) Check out my sorority down below.

5. Connections, Memories and Relationship. Y'all... the ENDLESS memories are so worth it. Although COVID shortened our time at school, it hurt so many people because the days of college boredom where you'll find fun with your friends was now over. The organizations you'll join, the nights you'll spend partying, the moments you'll sleep in class (please try not to do that) and the moments you'll spend laughing until you cry will go so fast in the four, five or however many years you'll spend in college. (Don't rush college) Also, you'll receive so many great connections and meet so many awesome people who will stick with you for the remainder of your life.

Check out alasu.edu if you'd like to see more on Alabama State University, or type in HBCUs on Google and you can find a list of them. Remember to SUBSCRIBE!

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