5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Fear Change

Change is a big word, no matter how many letters are used to spell it, the meaning behind it has a significant definition.

Why are we afraid of change?

There's a billion reasons why we are afraid of change. Change means moving into a different chapter of life that may come with directions, or may not give us a clue of how to keep moving forward at all. Change is having to sometimes readjust and put yourself in uncomfortable situations that you're not ready for. Either way change can be really good, but sometimes it always isn't. The changing of a job, a new living style, a significant other or a new environment can make us as people hesitant. Becoming hesitant unfortunately doesn't help you get use to the change within your life. When you slowly accept change and understand that this may be better for you, you'll realize change wasn't so bad after all.

Why You Shouldn't be Afraid of Change

Do you remember the past? Do you remember all the situations or circumstances that you were put through? Do you want to go down the same road or would you like a new direction? That my friends is a cause for change.

  1. The change you're encountering might be much better for you. If your old job didn't come with any benefits, the best pay and a better supervisor, wouldn't you want to level up? Change means you want the BEST for yourself. Stop settling and you'll understand why change might be the greatest thing that has ever happened to you.

  2. Change allows you to readjust and sometimes we need a little readjusting in life. Getting use to one way isn't always good. Have you ever been traveling home or anywhere you take the same route? Think about the road being blocked, you'll need a different route!

  3. Change allows you to explore other options. As said before, one way isn't always good. Change makes you look at other options that might be beneficial to you. At Five Guys, I usually get the hot dog with mustard and onions, a regular fry and a regular drink. The next time I go, I'll try to switch it up to a hamburger (I don't wanna spend ten dollars though), fries and a milkshake. Seriously though, the college you attend now may have fewer options as far as student life. Another college may have everything you could've ever imagined. That other college may be your perfect match and can help you in so many other ways.

  4. Change makes you think outside of the box. Normally, the same old thing means we already know what to expect. Why not tease or challenge yourself? Your brain needs exercise too and change can definitely get you to thinking. It's almost as if your brain is comparing and contrasting.

  5. Change means progress. I cannot tell you how many times I've chose water at a restaurant than sweet tea. Although it hurts, I know water is much healthier than sweet tea. Now apply that to your life. You know those sweets in the cabinet aren't good for you, so you're thinking about replacing them with oat bars... go for it. You've changed your major in school? That's great! You might actually enjoy it rather than your old major that required so much energy and time. Change can be staying off your phone for thirty minutes when you wake up in the morning to meditate or get a preview of what your day might look like. Change can be keeping your mouth close and speaking only positive things, or not hanging with certain friends that don't really cater to you. Either way, progress is great. I don't think anyone wants to move back to their old problems or deal with anything in the past.

“You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Roy T. Bennett

Change means different, and most of the time different can be better.

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