7 Steps to Self Care🧘

The world we live in contains so many pins and needles. The more we step on them, a bigger build up of pain, stress and sadness overcomes us. We cannot succumb to a detrimental state of mind. We must remain balanced so that our mental health will stay in tact. Here's some tips to cater to you and help you heal.

  1. 1. Do something good for yourself. In "Dear Overthinker", I addressed that we have so many different jobs, dependents, and tasks to scratch off of our list. When are you gonna scratch something off for yourself sis? While you're ensuring other people's happiness, what about yours? Getting your nails done, or buying a new face mask could make you feel a little bit better than before. Even splurging a little more on Five Guys rather than McDonald's might add a little to your happiness. Either way, doing something for yourself for a change is one example of self care.

  2. Go to sleep sis. I know Twitter gets good after hours, but sometimes you need to put your phone and take a break from social media. Overall, you need a good amount of sleep to tackle the day. Those late nights spent binge watching Netflix can have a huge effect on your mental.

  3. Cut them off. Like stop giving people chances that wouldn't give you a chance at all. Stop gravitating to people, looking for them to bring joy to your life. You can't depend on people to come through for you all the time.

  4. Meditate or give yourself some quiet time. Sis... I know you're not three years old anymore, but that little bit of quiet time can help you reset your mind. Sometimes, I sit in pure darkness and literally think about nothing. When you have a million things running through your mind, you aren't thinking about yourself nine times out of ten. Be able to release whatever negative energy you have, sit down and maybe enjoy a glass of wine.

5. Stop being so hard on yourself. You know how you call yourself "stupid" or "dumb as (you feel in the blank), yeah... stop. You're not gonna have it altogether every time. Nobody does, literally ever. You'll get through it, and know that there are 7 billion other people in the world who might have done the same thing you just did.

6. SMILE. I try not to keep a mean look on myself because a frown causes more wrinkles. Remember to stop being uptight all the time and laugh. (Please don't be like me, I laugh at literally nothing)

7. Get out and try something new. The same old thing can bore you, tire you and leave you feeling hopeless. When you go to Six Flags again, hop on the coaster (don't be scared), or when you're getting your hair done, try another style. Try a different approach at things. Be positive about it before you try it. Sometimes you real have to say "out with the old, and in with the new.

Self care starts with yourself. Care for yourself before you forget about yourself.
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