A Season For Everything🌱

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens - Ecclesiastes 3:1

I decided to write about a season for everything, and I'll probably even speak on when the timing is right.

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Why is there a season for everything?

You know in life we expect everything to be rushed because who wants to wait? Who wants to wait for the love of their life to finally reveal themselves instead of dating multiple people to try and find the right one. Who wants to wait to buy a new car or a new home because their old one just isn't giving them the right feelings. Who righteously wants to keep failing after taking L after L and come out victorious? My friends, there is literally a season for everything and usually when it happens, the time is right.

Growth & Patience.

Okay so the current season we're in might not be the best? You're looking for more funds from your business. You're trying to tackle school and everything else that might mentally be attacking you. You're trying to understand WHY your life isn't going the way you want it to go and you've been trying to steer in every direction. In return, you're skating on thin ice and you feel as if you're destined to crash.

When you plant your seeds, you water them and you expect growth. You can't sit at the plant every hour trying to see the growth and how far you've come, you've got to move on. Folks, that's life. Everyone has a growth season and in your time of growth, you can't dwell on what's going to happen and put a time stamp on your growth. Just let it happen. You did the big chop? Don't expect immediate growth overnight. You cut off a relationship that you put everything into? Broken hearts don't mend overnight. You failed one assignment and think you're doomed? What about all the other assignments? The moral of the story is keep watering yourself, and be patient. Patience is what allows growth because you'll understand that life doesn't flip instantly.

Your Progress.

When your plant does begin to grow, it's alright to track its progress and that can go the same for you. Don't dwell on your failures, look at your progress, even if it may not be as much as you would like it to be. You've came farther than you once were. Don't look at someone else's growth and envy them because their plant is growing much more than yours. Maybe they're doing something different? For example, your friend got a new job, but you got a promotion. Celebrate that promotion, at least you know the company you're in and the people you're dealing with! Your friend might be going into some heat and has to deal with something out of the ordinary. In the end, don't be jealous, don't be selfish, be happy for the next because your season is coming for whatever you're looking for.

Going for What You Want.

Please listen and apply this to your life. Don't look at other's success and try to compete. Everything that you wish for, don't base it off of others. You NEVER know what goes on behind closed doors. I know there's things such as goals, but don't look at someone else and say "That's what I want!". Sometimes you can, but a lot of times, we don't know what that person did to get there or what is going on within their lives. Make sure that you are taking every step to ensure your success. You can't want a new car without working a job and saving up money. Imagine going to a car lot and saying you want the newest BMW. The specialist asks you how much money you're looking to spend. Imagine saying "I just came here to pick up the car, I have no money" or better yet "I have a few hundred dollars". The specialist cannot help you because you didn't even help yourself.

Manifestation is great, but when you don't put any actions to your manifestation, don't expect anything. Remember success doesn't come overnight (well maybe if you're a Youtuber or a really great singer), but don't give up. Keep pushing until something happens. Don't rush your growth and don't look at anyone else's growth and compare. Stay in your lane and stay true to it.

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