Being a Part of a Great Service to the Band

Tau Beta Sigma National Honorary Band Sorority stands for more than just an organization filled with members apart of the band. The sorority stands for service, leadership, character, dedication and loyalty. It was nothing but a dream to be chosen to serve, especially in my band program.

I have learned to care for people within the band, who might not care about my organization or about me period, but I have learned to keep striving to ensure my band program (The Mighty Marching Hornets) is in good shape.

Within this sorority, I gained sisters, and even brothers from Kappa Kappa Psi National Honorary Band Fraternity. I have learned the reason behind servicing the band and why it is important. I have love for my band program and it is always a blessing to help out when I possibly can. Although I was pregnant during the time of pledging, my sisters and many other members of Tau Beta Sigma helped me to see the end. They showed me that love was the first proponent within the organization. Next loyalty, because they never gave up on me and were always there when I needed them the most. My sisters never failed me and ensured that together we would rise.

If you want to join a sorority within your band that stands for excellence, I believe Tau Beta Sigma is your best option. The sorority is big community service, leadership and creates programs that help band members, whether it is educationally, handing out water at the games, cleaning up the bandroom or relaying information that could help someone. The sorority also creates plenty of fun events to get into. Joining Tau Beta Sigma taught me time management and placement. The sorority instills a lot of wisdom and knowledge for not only just the band, but real life. If you're looking for a sorority that still teaches even after the process, Tau Beta Sigma is the perfect one.

Last but not least, if you're looking into joining Tau Beta Sigma National Honorary Band Sorority, understand that the bond that you might be chosen to serve in will last forever. Also understand that sorority only accepts the best and will not accept any less. If selected, the sisters who are chosen to become one with you, will be your sisters for a lifetime. With my sisters, I am best. It is an honor serve!

Oh yeah, a big shoutout goes to Delta Theta and Epsilon Gamma from Alabama State University!


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