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I haven't washed my hair in a month... I don't know what I was thinking, but here's how I turned my hair from NOT to HOT. This demonstration was over the course of two days (because of my laziness). Disclaimer: Every product does not work for EVERYONE. My hair is 3C/4A by the way.

Why you shouldn't go a month without washing your hair:

  • It will clump together just like mine did, unless you twist/braid or bantu knot it up.

  • It WILL be dirty. I mean if you have braids or a protective style, you can go without washing your hair for so long. I was adding products to revive my hair... (There was no reviving this mess)

  • Detangling it will make you want to fight yourself... and possibly others 😅. The products I used to detangle my hair are:

Hair Mayo is inexpensive, as well as the Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner. You can get these at your local beauty supply store or Walmart for little of nothing. They help me detangle my hair, as well as revitalize it. My hair feels so great after using these two together. They're my secret formula when I have to detangle, as well as moisturize my dead hair.

Detangling: I section my hair off into fours... but this time, I did smaller sections to make sure I was really getting the knots and kinks out of my hair. (There was a good amount of hair shed... but only because its been a month since a comb has seen my hair)

The picture on the left is my hair after the detangling process. I will never wait a month to wash my hair unless its twisted up... but I was nevertheless worn out, so I slept with a plastic bag and a bonnet with the deep conditioner. I don't advise anyone to sleep with deep conditioner 😂. There's a such thing as "over-moisturizing your hair", but that night I most definitely let it marinate😬.

The next day I began the washing process. I section my hair into fours when I wash to reduce tangling and to focus on every section the same way. I use most of the whole Creme of Nature line. She's never failed me yet, but I'm thinking about changing products soon for more exposure... and to see what all the hype is about.

Since I've already deep conditioned my hair, I don't use the "Intensive Conditioning Treatment" (the white substance) until I'm done shampooing my hair. I love their shampoo because its SULFATE FREE, smooths through my hair and leaves a shiny and squeaky clean feel. I also feel as if it revitalizes my curls and it doesn't have a harsh smell. The price on the bottle depends on your beauty supply store, Walmart/Target or wherever you shop. (That's probably the highest I've ever paid for that bottle). The "Apple Cider Vinegar Clarifying Rinse" is my bestieeee 🤩. I use her right after I've shampooed my hair, along with the conditioner. (The instructions say to use to rinse before the conditioner, but do what works best for you!) After working the products throughout my hair, I wait about ten minutes until I wash the conditioner and rinse out. (Use a plastic cap and sit under a dryer for a few minutes for extra marination😆)

The results: Without any products added.

In one of my last posts about my twisting game "The Perfect Twists", I added the products below that I normally use.

I only used the ECO Styler Gel and Softee, but the Vitamin E jar (it's red; I felt my hair needed some good nourishment). I do small or big twists, I always use a wide tooth comb after I've added the products to detangle just a little bit more. I also add Sulfur 8 conditioner or you can add any oil product that'll keep your hair moisturized. (The products are inexpensive as well) Once I'm done, my twists usually come out like below:

After I twist my hair, I cut off all straggly and dead ends. A little trim goes a long ways💇.

Thank you for reading! Please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and DEEP CONDITION YOUR HAIR.

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