"To be compatible, is to be equal. To be equal is to be one." Joanna Hinton

Okay... so you're looking for a "significant other"... well at least you're dreaming about someone who exceeds your standards, encourages you to be better, motivates you to follow your dreams and someone who will be beneficial to you. You want someone who understands you, someone who will break barriers and be the ideal "young woman or man". You want someone who will be there for you, not just to make themselves look good or to put on a front, but someone who will walk with you when no one else will, or someone who will give you peace of mind on a stormy day. You're looking for someone to turn your frown upside down (lol), or someone who will just accept you for you. Are you seeking someone who remains positive, who tries to be humble, carries them self with dignity, has high morals and is intellectually superior like you?

Well, that's great and all, but first, look in the mirror.

Are you that somebody? Will you be a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on or the reassurance needed on a shaky foundation? Will you be understandable, willing to comprehend and not throw slick shots? Will you take the time to learn someone, and help water them so that they can grow and prosper? Are you dependable, true at heart and quick to anger? What are your goals, aspirations and dreams? Can you put your phone down and spend quality time with that person? Are you quick to judge? Can you hold superior conversations, other than talking about someone? What is your way of showing love? Is affection important to you? Can that person believe in you when times get rough? What are your standards? How do you feel about xyz? Do you believe in God? Are you a family person? Who do you surround yourself with? Can you keep secrets?

Lastly, if you want someone to fit your principles and you can't even fit that shoe, you might as well stop wasting that person's time. Vice versa, if you believe you are the best significant other and people are missing out, make sure that person knows who you are and is willing to compromise with you. NEVER LOWER YOUR STANDARDS, but then again, don't expect someone to come with a private jet, a million dollars in the bank, fourteen college degrees and a mansion in LA, when you barely have tissue to clean yourself with.

Is your significant other that somebody?

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