Crown Yourself👑

"I decided early on that I was going to put on my crown and rule my world by acting right and treating myself like a queen." - Queen Latifah

I am the one with the crown, YES. You are too. Why let your guard down or lower your standards? Why are you accepting any and everything when you have requirements, you have morals, you have things set in place to declare yourself worthy. It’s time to start accepting that you are indeed a queen, and you are not meant to be thrown around, picked with and you don’t have to deal with unnecessary BS. Self worth and self love (expect a blog post on those topics) go hand and hand when you realize you weren’t meant for everybody and everybody is not meant for you either.

(Don’t think too hard on that) Try and rule out who you should surround yourself with and take time out for yourself as well. I know your kid(s), school, job, bills and other factors matter, but your mental health is also just as important. You are a queen and nothing else. STOP ACCEPTING LESS. Imagine you were auctioning the finest piece of art in your home. You think that specific piece of art is somewhere around a thousand dollars. Now wouldn’t you feel played if it was sold for $500 (maybe not because you wanted to get it out of your house anyways)? Your expectations were high! You felt as if it was valuable, only to be shot down and low balled. Welp, that’s how life exactly is. When you wear your crown, low balling is out of the question. You don’t even try to ”meet the price” or ”compete”. You aim high and that’s where you stay.

Listen! You are a queen! I know you probably aren't a heiress to a throne, but you can create your own thrown. Protect your own throne and guard it like it's royalty! Just like if a real queen is being threatened, she will do whatever it takes to make sure her life isn't endangered. She will delete, get rid of and throw out anyone who she feels is not trustworthy or worth her time. Why can't you do the same? Wear your crown, hold your head up and take that price tag off of you. You are worth more than all the diamonds in the world and your throne shall not be bothered.

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Disclaimer: the art in my header is not mine! It's very beautiful though.

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