Dear Overthinker 🙇‍♀️

STOP OVERTHINKING! You probably are overthinking right now!

When you overwhelm yourself, your blood pressure goes up, your heart rate goes up and you worry even more. Find ways to be at peace and understand what to do in a situation that causes you to overthink. Have you ever thought that maybe you're overdoing a situation or that it really doesn't even take all that?

SERIOUSLY, think about it. I still can be an overthinker, but I've allowed myself to process situations.

  • Remind yourself to stay CALM. If you lose your keys, don't just assume someone stole your keys 😅 (When I lose something, I'm quick to think someone stole it.)

  • Think about a time when this same problem or a situation similar to what happened took place. Did you resolve it? Are you still living? Did it hurt? Okay. Keep it moving.

  • Have you been thinking about it for too long? Can you sleep at night? If not, LET IT GO. Your sanity is greater than what is in the midst.

  • Take a moment and PRAY about it. Ask God to step in. I repeat "If I hold my peace, and let the Lord fight my battles, victory SHALL be mine." Or you can just say "Whew, imma leave that in God's hands." 😌

  • Understand that if this is a different case, or a problem that could escalate, remember to breathe. Take your time and be ready for whatever might be thrown your way.

  • If your overthinking actually ends up exactly how you predict it, take a minute to think how you can overcome it.

  • Don't give up, keep pushing. Don't strain yourself. Don't put too much weight on yourself.

Before you talk, listen. Before you react, think. Before you criticize, wait. Before you pray, forgive. Before you quit, try!

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