Dear Young Mommy👩‍👦👩‍👧


Congratulations on being someone's shoulder to cry on. Congratulations on becoming someone's protector. Congratulations on becoming a teacher, a counselor, a nurse, the lunch lady, the entertainer and more importantly, someone's mother.

You are young, but YOU are bright. You were chosen to guide someone's footsteps from the very beginning of time. You were chosen to carry someone who once started out as small as grape. You were chosen to be someone's happiness and you received a gift of love, you were chosen to create endless memories with that person and you are someone's light in a dark room.

This letter is to you because I know how hard it gets. The early mornings can be dreadful and the late nights can be just as bad. You were chosen because you whether you know it or not, you were armed for this very task. You brought life into this world and from day one, you have EXCELLED. You are beautiful, you are bold and it is okay to feel certain emotions. It is understandable to feel overwhelmed and as if you have no time to yourself. I know you can't sleep when the baby sleeps. I know you can't get things done without getting up every five minutes to see what your child is getting into. It can be difficult trying to understand what is wrong with your child, and yes you should be totally concerned of their well being.

If you're dealing with school, YOU WILL FINISH. If you feel like you can't go on, think about how far you've came. If you're having problems with your father's child, by all means, TAKE IT TO COURT. Do you what you have to do to ensure your child or children's needs are exceeded, and that you can be at peace as well.

If you ever need any advice, my DMs, as well as my email will always be open to you. Don't forget to put yourself first at times, although I know your child or children automatically hold that position. Remember when you have a chance, step out. Make yourself up, remember to practice self care and don't forget that although you are someone's mother, you are somebody as well💅🏻. I wish you peace, happiness and less stress. 💞

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