Having an Identity Crisis?

Self identity: Knowing your purpose, understanding yourself and being self aware. So how does that apply to you?

“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.” - Coco Chanel

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Let's say you're at a date with a nice guy or lady who seems to have it altogether. They ask you a thousand questions but the one that sticks out most is "so tell me about yourself." At that moment, your mind goes blank and you try to figure out good descriptions of yourself without rambling and repeating yourself. You already stated your major, or what you do for a living, but truly who are you? There's THREE things you need to learn about yourself:

  1. Knowing Your Purpose: Now honestly it took me so many years to understand what I was doing and what I was gonna do on this very Earth. It seemed as if I was just living, with no intentions, or living without realizing what I honestly wanted to do with myself. I knew that I wanted to major in History Education, but I didn't understand my TRUE purpose. After years of trying to focus on what good things I would get out of my life, I found out that my purpose was to simply help people. (How is that a purpose in life?) Can you believe how many people in this world that don't want to uplift others, help people or even support a cause? RIGHT! But my way of helping people is through education, giving tips, valuable information or supplies for motherhood and even hearing people out through their rough patches in life. I know that I want to give back to communities, and help build solid foundations. Knowing your purpose will make you feel as if you're living with a purpose and it'll make you feel just a tad bit better about yourself.

  2. Understanding Yourself: EVERYONE is different, and let me say that NO horoscope is gonna accurately tell you who you are, even though they can be pretty cool at times. If you know you're emotional, that's okay, join the other millions of people that are. If you know you aren't friendly, sociable or a chill person, that's okay too. Just understand that who you are can have an effect on someone else. You should also understand whether you're a procrastinator (I'm the queen of procrastination), or if you get anxiety from having too much on your plate. Understanding yourself will help you to not put yourself into uncomfortable positions. So how do you understand yourself? Take a moment and think about some life experiences you've had whether it was college, a baby, a job or just everyday life. From there, you'll understand if you tackled things while you were under pressure, or if you remained humbled in situations where others would've reacted. Overall, understanding yourself is more than knowing your name, it's knowing who you are.

  3. Being Self-Aware: Self-awareness ties into understanding yourself and knowing your purpose. With self-awareness, you're trying to understand what you are trying to achieve, or what you want to change about yourself. It's almost as if you're taking an inside look at your life from someone else's viewpoint, but it's you doing just that. (I mean know one truly knows you like YOU DO) You know what? It's okay to ask true people within your life how do they feel about you, or what do they like best about you. It's also okay to ask them for their honest opinion of you. Like "Who do you think I am as a person?" or "What character traits best fit me?" At the end of the day, you can be your worst enemy or your best friend, so you know what scares you the most, or what you look forward to in life, or simply what you're looking for in this life. So how can you be self-aware? Write down your goals, your plans or important priorities that can help elevate you.

  • Real Life Fact: Don't judge or down yourself because you feel you're stuck in a hard place with no way to get out. Breathe, be patient and work with yourself. Everyone has had a time in their lives where they feel as if they aren't progressing or things aren't going as smooth as they should.

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