Quarantine Crazy🤢

"Listen 'Murica - Bernie Mac"

I'm pretty sure everybody is sick from being in the house. I'm tired of doing the same things everyday, but at the same time, I don't wanna come into contact with the virus. Alabama State switched to online classes and I've been stressing ever since. Not because of the work, but because I'm am huuuuge procrastinator and it's hard for me to concentrate in my own home.

Soon, I hope to purchase my own website, so people won't have to see that long address again. I've wrote down so many plans so when I finally do get outside, I'll be busy trying to cross it off of my checklist. I've been trying to stack the few pennies I have left that I haven't spent on food yet and I'm praying for growth and to mature as much as I can. Being a mom has been pretty cool. I'm learning everyday and growing with him as well. Time has surely flown by.

I'm praying that I'l walk the stage for graduation in December (help me Jesus). I'm also hoping I'll be able to find a new place of living for my son and I after I graduate. I'm praying for my financial stability, my goals that I hope to pursue one day and my purpose in life that I will fulfill. I'm hoping I'll be able to get the job I was dreaming for and my money doubles, triples and quadruples in my bank account. I'm also praying for you too my friend. I'm praying that you are uplifted, stable and focused on your future endeavors. I pray that you keep God first and thank him for the many accomplishments that you've completed in your life. I hope that you, your family and friends stay safe. I hope that your enemies' plans that plot against you have already failed. I pray that you pass your classes, you get that new job, you buy that new apartment, house or car and that life treats you well. Most importantly, tell yourself what you're gonna do. Don't doubt yourself because your faith will be shaky. Be of a pure heart and keep the right spirit.

Yes... I'm gonna get started on my next paper right now. 😑

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