Ten of the Hottest Songs from my Playlist🔥

If you’re not into rap, you might wanna turn back around. (Yes, my playlist has Youngboy and don’t take this to heart. They’re not in order for reaaaal)

also check out myyyy new little playlist: https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/pl.u-DdANrMNuN681eW

If you’re not into Cinco, you’re missing out. Not only is he from Alabama (Bessemer), but his songs are definitely litttyyy. Check out: “All the Money” & “Check Dis”.

I started blasting Lil Yachty back in 2016 when Broccoli came out (memories😭). I think it’s his voice and his flow for me.

Stunna is on a different level from a lot of new artist. Kickback? Add him to the playlist. (His collabs w/ DaBaby🔥)

If he’s not in your playlist, you’re trippin. I said what I said. (Too Hard is my favorite album.)

When I heard Blue Balenciagas, I was hooked (Shoutout to my girl Moon ☺️). Great artist, imma pray for him though.

DaBaby will turn any event up. The beats, his verses and personality are at the top.

Gunna is in my top three, and he’s not 3 🥴. (Stop skipping over him, hater)

I don’t care. You can say he’s overrated, but you’ve probably only heard two songs 😐

If you don’t agree, oh 🐳. He’s got a spot in my playlist. He’s different.

I’m pretty sure you knew Roddy Ricch was gonna get a spot. (There’s more songs than “The Box” and “Boom Boom Room”. Check out: “Every Season & Chase the Bag)


(Disclaimer: Key Glock should be on your playlist.)

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