The Perfect Twists!

I'm not a natural hair perfectionist, nor do I believe every product, or style works for every individual. I decided to give my little expertise on natural hair and add my own razzle dazzle.

Twisting my hair is so therapeutic, it allows me to see what nutrients my hair needs, it has taught me how much moisture my hair needs and what products create the best twists for my twist outs.

Sometimes I start with my hair washed, or either old hair that needs to be revamped. I usually end up having to use the products over again because they been washed out. Old hair has its pros and cons too.

I don't always use the products together. I either combine Softee, the oil moisturizer and curl milk together on occasions, or I either use the Softee and the curl milk, or the oil moisturizer. If I use Ecostyler, I can only combine it with Softee because the other products will flake up my hair. (All of these products help my hair in some way; I'll make another article later)

I usually twist my hair tight so that the twist out comes out even curlier. (EcoStyler/Softee)

*I do get carried away with the amount of product I put in. I hate dry hair.

*I always cut off dead ends and thin hair.

Finished! Yes, I always do something to my edges. I usually let my twist air dry to prevent the usage of heat. (DO NOT FORGET TO OIL YOUR SCALP)

Thanks for reading!

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