To My Friend Kyndel 💙

My heart aches, and sometimes it's hard to stop myself from crying. I hate asking God why, but a beautiful soul that once graced this earth has now gained his wings. I never will be okay with his passing, knowing that he will never be a call or text away. I am a peace knowing that he is in God's hands and that he is suffering no longer. I pray that he will be our guardian angel, knowing that he will always have a special place in my heart. From the advice, to his goofiness, to his seriousness on his horn, I am more than proud to know that I could call him my friend and my fam of the Mighty Marching Hornets of Alabama State University. I pray that the gun violence will cease and that love ones can reunite with other love ones. I pray that God will allow us a lot of time to heal, to process a new shift in our lives and that he opens up the hearts of those that need to be filled with love.

To Kyndel,

Thank you for making me laugh until I cry. Thank you for allowing Ayja, Kayla and I to come over and hang with the rest of the crew. Thank you for sizing me up in the hallway to make sure I was always on game. Thank you for all of the moments we shared before and after class, going to church, before and after band practice. Most importantly, thank you for being you.

I love you Kyndelly 💙

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