Why Do I Have to be the Bigger Person 🙄

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

I wonder why my mom use to tell me "be the bigger person" when it felt like I was always the bigger person.

I got tired of being the first to take action or be more mature in the situation. Like I already have a thousand different jobs in my life where I have to be more considerate, or more responsible and it gets tiring. I've learned along the way that being the bigger person has a lot of pros.

Being the bigger person means I can leave a situation alone, being the best way of handling things. It also means that I can put the first foot forward and handle the situation the way it should be handled. Being the bigger person also means standing alone, even when you have to stand by yourself. It means being more mature and saying "Let's be better about this". Although sometimes I hate apologizing for something that I had no involvement in, that honestly wasn't my fault or I didn't even cause... that is seen as being the bigger person.

I want God to bless me, and I want to keep moving forward in my life, and I'm sure you do too as well. So being the bigger person allows me to compromise in a situation and keep pressing forward through life. I want to be stress free, worry free and blessed abundantly. Moving forward is the key to being the "bigger person".

#worryfree #stressfree #blessedabundantly all 2020 and throughout the rest of my life.

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