Why You Should Take a Mental Health Break

Normally, when life starts flipping and ends in shambles, you kind of want to step away from it all. It's like when you've done all you can, but nothing is adding up or going right, you just want to walk away and possibly never come back. At some point, you will have to come back, you'll just have to bring a different approach. Nevertheless, a BREAK is sometimes necessary.

When is a mental health break necessary?

  • When you cannot think clearly, or none of thoughts in your head are adding up.

  • When you're feeling low and can't find a way to pick yourself up.

  • When it feels like the whole world is on your shoulders.

  • If you're feeling depressed and need a moment to back away from reality.

  • When school has boggled your mind.

  • When you've been surrounded by negative energy and you can't put out any positive energy.

  • When social media has nothing good to offer.

  • Honestly, a little mental health break is necessary pretty often. (You want to stay sane and be balanced, ready to tackle whatever life brings at you)

What can I do for my mental health break?

  • Literally relax. Don't move a finger.

  • Reading a good book or even watching a good show that doesn't have your mind jumping to different places.

  • Eat some really good food. Often times junk food doesn't do for us like a healthy meal does.

  • Refrain from talking to negative people. Don't answer the calls, don't reply to their texts, in fact, CUT EM' OFF.

  • Take a nice warm bath, get some epsom salt with lavender infused, some nice wine, some soothing music and do just like Patrick (think about nothing).

  • Find someone positive to talk to. You can talk about your problems, but also talk about all the good things that has taken place that pass week/month/year.

  • Writing soothes me, and it might soothe you. Before you know it, you would have probably wrote a few chapters of your life.

Sometimes, I take a mental health break because of my migraines. Although I don't think that's the accurate cause of them, I believe it helps me a bit because you can think so much until your head really does hurt.

Stop stressing over things that you have no control over! Remember to surround yourself with positive people. If you need to cry, do just that. Crying releases so much and can help you feel better once you're done.

Try to eliminate certain things that you know will drive your mental health through the roof. Treat yourself better. Practice self care more than you usually do. Don't forget to love yourself and put yourself first. When you try to make others happy, you forget to make yourself happy.

Write down your goals and dreams, and if you can't accomplish it right then, know that one day you will accomplish that and more. Stop adding extra pressure to yourself because of something you can't do at the moment. Stop being so hard on yourself and realize that you're not perfect and that we're suppose to make mistakes. Learn from those mistakes and grow.

Don't forget to subscribe ladies. Stay blessed, not stressed. Stay in your bag, don't get dragged. Wear your lip gloss, don't get pissed off. Go out more, but don't be poor (alright I'm done).

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