Writing Your Own Story🖊️

If you thought I was about to give tips on how to write a book, this ain't it chief...

Your destiny is determined by the efforts you put into your life. How are you gonna pray to God and ask him for a new car, when you don't clock in anywhere? I wish it could magically pop up in front of my driveway too, but it's not that easy. Everything that you want, YOU HAVE TO WORK FOR. It takes time too! Don't think because you're 21 and you still haven't signed a lease to a new apartment or a new house that you're behind. TAKE IT SLOW. Be patient. We all want to be successful, even if success is taking care of your kid, or being in your bag. Sometimes, you have to leave things in God's hands and put your mind on other things.

You want your own business, great! Don't expect things to happen overnight! When you plant a seed, do you think it'll grow the minute you add water? You've got to be diligent! #Consistency is the key. Sometimes we do get lazy, or we feel like things aren't working, but KEEP GOING. Where can we get empowerment when no one is there to empower us? Try and empower yourself! Create a list of things you want to accomplish, set deadlines to make sure you stay on top of things. If you procrastinate like me, a deadline might not scare you at all but just remember that this is your life and no one can step in your shoes, switch the game controller and live your life!

Be positive and understand that mistakes come with trial and error. Everybody doesn't get it the first time and sometimes you gotta keep going until something finally works for you. There's nothing wrong with changing your mind because different paths lead to different outcomes! Lastly, block all negativity and listen to the encouragement down below.

You're sitting on the couch, you're watching tv, and your life is passing you by. You keep procrastinating, over and over, "Well maybe I'll go to school next year, maybe next semester." No, do it right now... You spend all day on the phone anyhow, why don't you make a phone call that's gonna help you in your future?

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